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What To Do In Time Of Transition

When a loved one passes on, most area hospitals and nursing homes will contact the funeral home of their choice.

“Note: Most hospitals will give you two to four hours before a decision must be made.”

After making a decision on a funeral service provider, if at all possible hold a family meeting before you go to the funeral home.

At this time the family can generally decide the date, time and location information for the service. Also, it may be helpful to contact the minister and church where the service is to be held.

In addition financial considerations should be discussed at this time.

The following information is required and most important when making funeral arrangements:

* Date of Birth

* Place of Birth (City & State)

* Wife’s Maiden Name /  Husbands Name

* Decedents Parents Names

Father/Maiden Name of Mother

* Place of Employment

* Doctors Name, Address & Phone No.

* Decedents Local Address

* Social Security Number

* Insurance Policies / Proof of Last Payment.

* Employment Insurance Information

* Copy of Veteran’s DD-214 or Discharge Papers.

* Veterans Medical Card

* Fraternal Organization Information

The Veterans Administration has enough cemeteries / cemetery reserves world wide to bury Veterans into the next millennium. All Veterans with an Honorable Discharge from a military service organization “Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard” and their spouses can receive burial rites at the at the Nations Federal Cemeteries, free of charge and by appointment only.

Employer (Job) Insurance: Prior to retirement go to your employment benefits office;

1.) To find out the value of your retirement life insurance, and if it decreases in value.

2.) To find out if your retirement benefits or pension plan will continue for your spouse after your death.

3.) To make sure that your 401K plan has a beneficiary and to make sure that if you purchase company stock that you fill out a stock beneficiary form.

Banking: Ask your bank officer about ( P.O.D.’s) Pay Upon Death on all your bank accounts, stocks and certificates of deposit. This will allow your family access to your funds upon your death without going to Probate Court.

Property: If you own property, the state of Missouri allows for you to access to Heredity (Beneficiary) Deeds on property. In the event of your death your property will automatically go to your listed heirs without the need of Probate Court.

Note: In some cases where there is a mortgage on the property, check for Credit Life Insurance on the Loan. Either through Loan Company or Homeowners Insurance.

Vehicles: The State of Missouri, now allows you to put a beneficiary on your car title. Go to the DMV, and request a T.O.D. (title on death) application. This will avoid your loved one from having to probate your vehicles.

Union: For ALL union workers, it is important prior to your retirement the you RETIRE (pay in  full) your union card so that upon death your family will be able to receive your union death benefit. Please consult your Union Steward for details.

Life Insurance: Please be sure to update your life insurance beneficiary once every (3) years, on all life policies.

Veterans: Visit your area VA, most veterans have not registered with the Veterans Administration, It is important that you do this, most service records burned in a fire in 1972. Unfortunately veterans that do not update their information do not receive their burial benefits or widows compensation consideration.

All Veterans should register with the DETAILS OFFICE at their local VA, weather you wish to take advantage of medical benefits or not.  Or go online to https://www.va.gov/family-member-benefits/

It is important that you do this so that you and your spouse can received the basic burial benefits.

NOTE: There are normally No death benefits or Burial Benefits for Army National Guard or Army Reserve, unless they have served in combat areas.

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Having the opportunity to help you honor the life of your loved one is a privilege we take very seriously.

At Elite Funeral Chapel your families needs will be handled with respect and compassion.


Your concerns are as individual as the loved one you
wish to honor. We recognize this and we are
dedicated to meeting your specific needs. The Morris
family has been serving the unique needs of many
families for over 25 years.



Quality Service

Feeling overwhelmed by questions and required
decisions at time if loss is to be expected. Providing a
a full service funeral home is part of our
commitment to guiding you through your time of

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens First

What documents will I need?

You will need to have documentation of the following information about the decedent:

  • Full legal name
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • City and State of birth
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s first and maiden name

You will also need to have a photo of the deceased.

If the decedent was a veteran you will ned to have their discharge form (DD-214).

If the decedent was a government employee, you will need to have their CSA or CSF number.

What if death occurs at home?

If death occurs at home, you will need to notify your hospice provider if one is assisting you. You will also need to notify your local police department.

What if my loved one was traveling?

When death occurs in a state other than where final services will take place, either due to travel or because the person did not live near their family, it is necessary to coordinate between providers in each city.

We have affiliations with providers in all 50 states, Mexico and Canada. Overseas transportation can also be arranged. Please contact us to discuss your specific circumstance.

Planning The Service

Why is a funeral important?

The funeral services is one of the first steps toward healing in the bereavement process. It offers an opportunity for those who knew your loved one to come together and express their feelings of loss. This is also a time for friends, family and other guest to support one another

How much does a funeral cost?

Most funerals have standardized pricing. We realize not everyone can afford those costs. We will customize services on a case by case basis to fit your needs.

Can we have a service if we choose cremation?

Yes. We offer two options for this. You can choose the Elite Classic Cremation Memorial Service, or the Elite Executive Memorial Service with Reviewal. More information about both options is on our Services page.

What does the funeral director do?

The funeral director is the person who will guide you through the details in this process. He or she will arrange for transportation of the deceased, and implement the choices you make regarding the funeral and final disposition your loved one.  Some of the things they do include:
  • Arranging and preparing death certificates
  • Providing certified copies of death certificates for insurance and benefit processing
  • Submitting the obituary to the newspapers of your choice
  • Assisting with funeral arrangements and the purchase of casket, urn, burial vault and cemetery plot
  • Scheduling the opening and closing of the grave with cemetery personnel, if a burial is to be performed
  • Coordinating with clergy if a funeral or memorial service is to be held
  • Arranging a safety/police escort and transportation to the funeral and/or cemetery for the family

Other Considerations

What support is available after the funeral?

Grief counseling services are available by appointment. We can also assist you with veterans filings and probate filings.

If your loved one was cremated, we can have the cremains shipped via the United States Postal Service.

Will you assist us with having a gathering or repast after the service?

We can coordinate with churches and community centers. Use of our banquet facility can be added to funeral services entrusted to Elite Funeral Chapel. Please call 816-765-0141 for additional details.

Do you offer pre-need planning services?

We offer burial insurance and burial trusts. We can answer your questions about either option. For further information, please call us at 816-765-0141.

How do we pay for services?

A number of options may be available to you. Payment can be made using individual life insurance, corporate group life insurance, or a certified check. We also accept debit cards and all major credit cards.